Kinetic BMW

Kinetic Sculpture at the BMW Museum in Munich. Shot with a Panasonic Lumix LX3 in 1280×720/24p.

For a BMW enthusiast, the BMW AG Museum in Munich is one of the highlights of a visit to Germany.

Since its opening in 1973, the BMW Museum has been a place that documents the history of BMW AG and places it in the context of the present and future. The stated aim of the museum is to fascinate visitors with exciting topics about mobility, communication and society.

BMW is eight decades of innovation, power, quality, consciousness and motivation. As a company, BMW does not just stand by its history, but deliberately preserves it as a vital element of its identity.
Located next to the 1972 Olympic village in Munich, the BMW Museum building is shaped like a mushroom and has a spiral ramp that winds its way up to the top.

Each area along the way is filled with race and prototype cars along with video presentations available in different languages to explain BMW’s philosophies and technical accomplishments.


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