The Counter Burger – Crows Nest, Sydney (Round 2 *ding ding*)

There are multiple entries for the word challenge in the Merriam-Webster dictionary but the ones I found the most applicable in this case are ‘the act or process of provoking or testing physiological activity by exposure to a specific substance’ and ‘a stimulating task or problem’. In this case I was most definitely stimulated 😛 (hee hee I’d like to double her entendre) by the task ahead. A task where my physiological capacities were tested to its limits. A task where my stamina is pushed and pushed till I can’t breathe or move. A task where my mental state is compromised with delusions and left me a blubbery blunder. A task where exposure to a specific substance is provoking or testing with the specific substance being the one and only… *pause for effect… pauuuse for effect*… Burger.
Our order forms all ready and we are psyched!

I’ve actually been back to The Counter Burger a few times between this time and my first time so I thought I would be well prepared for it but alas, I was still quite shocked by what was waiting for me. My brother has become an avid burgerer of this place and he is always up for a good food challenge as well.
The counter at The Counter Burger!

The simple American style diner has good atmosphere and appeal so even at 2ish there were quite a few patrons.

Here Comes the Food
Peanut Butter Shake x3

The last time I came here I had the Apple Pie Shake and that was very very good! It was pretty much drinking an apple pie and ice cream and really worth trying 🙂 Maybe on my next visit I should try a peanut butter, chocolate and apple pie shake ^^!
Onion Strings ($5.50)

Greasy greasy greasy goodness in onion form! Although the onions strings are delicious golden and crunchy, I think it is better to get the Fifty-Fifty of onion strings and sweet fries (kumara fries).
150g beef, ?? cheese, beetroot, mixed baby lettuce, sprouts, sweet red hot capsicum with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette on a wholemeal bun

We shall start off from the smallest burger which my mother got. Overall she was very pleased with it flavour-wise and size-wise but the chilli in the sweet red hot capsicum was a bit much for her (she can’t eat spicy foods).
300g beef, imported swiss, carrot strings, grilled onions, grilled pineapple, sprouts, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms with honey mustard on a hamburger bun

The next contestant is my cousins burger. His personality is the competitive type so he always tries to compete with us but his eyes are much bigger than his stomach. The 300g is a modest burger which is the right size for normal people imo hee hee.

Next is my challenge…
A tower of a burger…
Love the dripping cheeeeessssseee ^^!
600g beef, imported swiss, grilled onions, grilled pineapple, hard boiled eggs, mixed baby greens with honey mustard on a hamburger bun

I really like the imported swiss as it had the perfect melt factor and taste that matches the mince perfectly. I would also liked to have some beetroot but I decided to give the hard boiled eggs a try and they were surprising good in the burger. Grilled onions and pineapple is always awesome in burger-form ^^! I ended up eating this with knife and fork, just because I am full of class 😉

If you thought my burger is big… Check out my brothers’ XD! Talk about crazy town!
750g beef, imported swiss, grilled pineapple, jalapenos, lettuce blend, sweet red hot capsicum, fried egg, honey cured bacon with sauce of the month (Korean bbq) on a hamburger bun

CRAZZZYYYY! You guys must be wondering ‘wtfomgbbq did he actually finish?!?!’ I am sad to say he just missed out on completing this challenge by 40ish grams but partially because he had a football match to play in 45 mins time hee hee. He mentioned that the 450g patty is not a good ratio of mince to ingredients and recommend that getting mulitple 300g patties was the way to go (he completed the 600g challenge last time).


My final bite *MUNCH*

The Counter Burger burgers are really creative because you get to choose your own combinations to suit your own taste and that is why there is so much re-visit factor to it. Afterwards I really did have some slight delucions and could not muster the strength to take a photo of the empty plate haha. The 600g challenge was a big one for me but I think I might be able to do maybe 700g just barely. We won’t know til we try it out eh 😉

EDIT: Went again last night and tried an Apple Pie and Peanut Butter Shake… was awesomeness, thick and peanut buttery but chunks of apple and pastry added that other dimension of flavour. The peanut butter was a bit stronger than the apple pie but was still fun combination to try ^^! Also saw on the specials a banana split shake which I really wanna try as well haha!


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