Machinima Creation Tool Coming To Playstation Home

Here’s another reason to visit PlayStation Home: Sony is about to launch Stage Set, a machinima creation tool within the online world

Hosted by Sony Picture’s Loot, the application is apparently part of a Ghostbusters space in Home, and will allow budding Kubricks to create Home movies with their avatars. According to Loot’s Rich Bisso:

Being spawned from a movie company, it is pretty easy to see how we were inspired to make a movie stage/set. It’s really cool to walk through the lot every day and peek inside the huge stages, so we figured that other people would be psyched to have their own stage and even make some movies, too. After that, we went crazy putting all sorts of lighting and camera controls, green screens, backdrops, etc in the limited amount of time we had.

It was fun and a bit of a challenge, since we were pushing the development tools in some pretty unconventional directions.”

The thing is set to launch later this month, but if you want a sneak peak, check out the YouTube video below for a glance at how it will work.

What do you think, PlayStation 3 gamers? Are you excited for this new use of your online world? Is this something you’d be likely to use or not? Personally, I think, if the “experience” is deep enough to actually be useful, it will get a lot of play, but that’s the challenge. Making movies (even with machinima tools) is complicated, so whether this will actually be used depends on how well the ease-of-use is paired with the ability to truly realize your filmic vision. But if it’s done right, it’s just the kind of thing that PlayStation Home is perfectly suited for.


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