ioDrive Duo: unbelievably fast solid-state drive ships next month

Behold, the hard drive of the future. Most of today’s hard drives are metal boxes with rapidly spinning disks nestled inside, but this Fusio-io ioDrive Duo is all solid-state, has no moving parts, and reads and writes data ten times faster than the quickest conventional hard drives.

For the propellerheads, that’s 1.5 gigabytes per second of sustained throughput. Hey, wait a minute — that’s even faster than almost as fast as that mind-blowing Samsung 24-drive array we showed you. The result will be much faster computing, less heat, lower power consumption, and much tougher durability.

And someday, all this will be reasonably priced. While this 640GB Fusio-io ioDrive Duo will be prohibitively expensive (untold $thousands) when it’s available next month, that’s just because the tech is so new and economies of scale haven’t set in yet. Later this year, Fusio-io, which now has Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on board as Chief Scientist, will release a 1.28-terabyte model. Wow.


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