Solid-state drive teams up with blazing-fast RAM for incredible speed

Our jaws are still agape over that lightning fast ioDrive Duo solid-state drive we showed you last month, but now here’s one that can beat it, the DDRdrive X1. It combines the blazing speed of 4GB of RAM with the backup confidence of 4GB of flash memory right next to it.

You don’t want to keep your data in RAM, because it will go away as soon as you turn off your PC. That’s why it’s great to have it paired up with some really fast flash memory, keeping everything you’re doing saved. It can either back up or restore all your data in 60 seconds.

The result? Mind-numbing speed on random reads and writes. That’s one thing that makes a PC really feel fast. But all that speed has a downside, as you may have guessed. This measly 4GB drive costs $1495. Yes, that’s crazy, but this is another one of those pieces of bleeding-edge tech that gives you a peek into what the rest of us could be using a couple of years from now.


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