Slimmer PS3 in store at E3?


Rumors of some sort of Sony announcement at E3 have been floating around for a couple weeks now, and it certainly seems like something’s afoot — hot on the heels of that officially non-existent white US DualShock 3 appearing this morning, we’re hearing that a revised PS3 is in the works. It’s not clear exactly what’s going down, but the hot whispers right now say that it’s the long-rumored slimmed-down redesign of the current console, not just a color change or storage bump. That makes a certain amount of sense, given the endless chatter of a price cut and Sir Howard Stringer’s recent comments about the system being too expensive — a trimmed-up redesign is right on schedule with those smaller Cell and RSX chips, and it could still possibly include some of that rumored motion-sensing hardware while driving down costs. On the other hand, after all this speculation and hype it would be a total Sony move to just pump out the same machine in a different color with maybe a new pack-in game, so we’re not holding our breath. Let’s say we’re, oh, “cautiously optimistic.” That work for you?

Update: Sony UK is currently denying the rumor the rumor with a curt “We currently don’t have any plans for a redesigned PS3 at this time.” Okay — but what else would you expect them to say?


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