We have some exclusive details on Uncharted 2’s Multiplayer Service:

Downloadable Characters for Multiplayer
Downloadable characters include Victor Sullivan (Better known as ‘Sully’), Elena Fisher, Chroe Frazier.

New Online Game Modes
Confirmed game modes are Team Deathmatch and ‘Plunder’. Plunder is a typical Capture-The-Flag Game which includes a ‘Gold Idol’ instead of a flag. The main difference is that your able to throw the idol to your teammates. Whether they’re up a ledge or just metres away from you. Beware that the idol will effect your running as it is a heavy piece of gold.

Rescue and Revive (Co-op Mode)
Enemies will get tougher and tougher as you work your way through co-op mode. If any of your teammates are injured, a red icon appears abov them and you only have a small amount of time to get to them and revive them before they bleed to death. If they are put in a chokehold, then you will see a blue icon above them and you will only have a certain amount of time to get them out. If all three die, you all restart at the last checkpoint.

Team Deathmatch
One team is made up of the heroes from the single-player campaign with the other side all villains. Friendly Fire is active. A melee attack is an instant kill.

Online Level’s
One Team Deathmatch level takes place at night with a large square (This level is seen in the Online Trailer). There is a truck in the centre of the square. In the back of the truck there will be a Sniper Rifle. Whilst in the basement of the tower there is an RPG.

Cinema Mode (Must-Read)
Naughty Dog have created a unique cinema mode which lets you save a full Team Deathmatch to your PS3’s Hard Drive. You can then edit them by rotating the camera, or just zooming in.

Perk System
Uncharted 2’s perk system is like the perk system used in Call of Duty, but nowhere near as in-depth. The perks are called ‘Boosts’. You will have two Boost slots and can equip you with abilities such as carrying extra ammo, increased damage, improved hip-fire accuracy and being able to see enemies through walls.

From what we have seen, it’s excellent. The game will be released this September on the PlayStation 3.


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