iPhone 3GS Complete Feature Guide

As expected, the new Apple iPhone 3GS is out. And we were right: The screens and iPhone was real. All the details about the iPhone 3GS’ new features are here.

• Faster than the previous generation: Launching messages is 2.1 faster, load the NY Times in Safari: 2.9 times faster.

• New camera, with auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance.
• You can also tap to focus, changing white balance in the process. That is neat.
• Special macro and low light modes.


• It supports video, 30 frames per second VGA with auto focus, auto white balance, and auto exposure.
• Can trim video with a tap of the finger, and share it with MMS, email, MobileMe and YouTube.

• It supports the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA standard.

• Includes hardware to support the OpenGL|ES standard, for faster and more complicated 3D games.


• Same design as before.
• Greener materials: Arsenic-free glass, BDF-free, Mercury-free LCD.

Special features
• It has a compass application, which works with the included magnetometer. It’s integrated into the new maps, showing orientation, alongside longitude and latitude.
Voice control. You can now talk with your iPhone, Enterprise-style. You can instruct it to play similar songs to the one you are playing, or call people.
• Nike + support built in.
• Supports accessibility features, like zooming on text, inverting video, and voice over when you touch whatever text is on screen.

Battery life

• Increased battery life.

Price and availability
• $199 for 16GB version.
• $299 for 32GB version.
• Available on June 19th.


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